Rivers Edge 55 Plus Communities – Winter Living

As most individuals start to approach retirement age, questions start to naturally arise. For example, they need to determine where they should live, how they should save and what sort of investments they should make. Should they consider living on their own, or perhaps consider a retirement community for those 55 and older? These are some of the more important aspects to consider, and the process for making these decisions can undoubtedly be difficult at times.

However, more and more individuals are choosing to move into 55 and older communities over other retirement options. There are several reasons for this, and while the exact reasoning may vary for each individual, it is proving to be an extremely popular decision. Independent living communities are able to provide a unique experience that is both financially prudent and logical as people age. This is especially important when it comes to home maintenance while living in the Northeast.

The recent winters we have faced over the past several years have proven to be not only a nuisance, but also damaging to homeowner’s property.  Home ownership tends to become a bit more difficult as we age. It becomes even more treacherous as winter sets in; this isn’t to say that as we age, we become helpless, just that it truly can become difficult to keep up with the necessary maintenance.

One of the greatest benefits of living in a 55 plus community is the ability to have all of the maintenance needs taken care of during snowstorms and winter.  We continue to see rises in snowfall during the winter in this region; the cold weather has also drastically made repairs difficult at times. Rivers Edge is the exact type of community that couples make the choice to move into, as it offers year-round support for your townhome.

Let’s first quickly touch on the subject of snow: while it’s absolutely beautiful to look at, it can be a game-changer when you own a home. The shoveling required for even a moderate amount of snowfall can be difficult enough for a man or woman in their prime, but it can be a precursor to injury as we age. It is an enormous strain on the lower and upper back, triceps, arms and neck.  Without proper stretching and a focus on cardio and strength training, even those in their 50’s can find it difficult to keep up with. The problem is compounded by back-to-back snowfall, which we have seen plenty of times over the past few years.

Those who don’t shovel usually have invested in a snow plow; however, a quality unit can be extremely costly.  It may require maintenance after several years of use, and almost always runs on gasoline; not to mention, where exactly should you store it during the other three-quarters of the year? Some do not have access to a garage or shed, which can prohibit many from owning one.  The good news is that in senior living communities such as Rivers Edge, we can take care of all of that for you: the shoveling, the removal of snow and making sure that your property is safe and clear of any obstacles.

Perhaps you’re not a snow bird, and tend to leave for warmer climates during the winter months. Many individuals will either own or vacation at a second home in southern states, such as Florida. If you own your own home up in the northeast, isn’t it difficult to make sure that your property is being looked after. Being away for 3 or 4 months could cause a bevy of issues to come up without proper care, in addition to the risks associated with break-ins. A 55 and older community has the benefits of offering a secure neighborhood, along with friendly neighbors who can keep an eye on your property and your mail. Security is perhaps the best word to describe the experience of living in a senior living community.

Also, consider how difficult it is to keep contact with neighbors and friends when you live on your own property and own house; winter can make it far more difficult to maintain these connections and provide an outlet for comradeship and get-togethers. With luxury retirement communities, you have the benefit of living close to neighbors who can become your best friends, in addition to the community always offering something new and exciting to partake in. Interaction is a crucial part of our lives, and studies have shown that having quality and close friendships with other can prolong our lives as we age. Rivers Edge is the type of community that can truly benefit those who struggle through the often difficult time of winter each year.

As you can tell by now, the benefits of moving into a 55 and older community can really outweigh any skepticism. It offers a luxurious and private community where you can grow old with great friends, make new memories and accomplish even more than you thought possible. The location of Rivers Edge makes it extremely appealing for those looking to move out of their old home and into a senior living community. Fewer taxes in Pennsylvania also make it an ideal place to live as opposed to New Jersey or New York as well; altogether, it is a winning combination for living in the winter, and all other seasons of the year.