Independent living communities are becoming more and more popular for individuals and couples 55 and older.  As retirement nears, or the desire to make changes in order facilitate an easier lifestyle springs up, the benefits of a luxury retirement community become abundantly clear.  The ability to own a more convenient home along with a close-knit community stands as a strong reason to make the transition, as is living in an area well-suited for couples as they age.

However, not all 55 and over communities are created alike, and there are some important points that need to be addressed and considered before making the move. Let’s take a look at what we think some of the most critical aspects are:

  • Attractiveness of Region

They say location is everything, and it likely certainly was when it came to your very first home purchase. The same holds true for active adult communities, as this will be where you likely want to spend the majority of your years at as you move into retirement.  The attractiveness of the region can allude to many aspects, such as the scenery, what there is to do in the region, whether family and friends are close and so on. Make sure you will be located in a place that you will love for ten, twenty, thirty or forty years!

  • Ability to Make New Friends

Data has shown that humans live longer when they are able to converse and interact with other humans. As we age, it can be difficult to maintain close relationships with others when living at greater distances; however, it is extremely easy to make new friends and acquaintances at the right retirement community. Take the time to investigate and seek out folks who already live there, ask for their opinion and make a determination if it seems like a great fit!

  • Staying Healthy

Health is one of the most important aspects to any individual’s life: youths, adults and seniors. You want to live in a community that fosters a healthy lifestyle, as well as being able to have access to various health classes such as yoga, martial arts or local access to a gym. In addition, living near quality hiking or biking trails can go a long way towards improving your physical fitness. See what a senior living community can offer in terms of healthy lifestyles, and also look into what sort of health food stores will be available in the local area.

  • Ability to Design Your Home Interior

If you’re going to make the commitment to live in a luxury retirement community, doesn’t it make sense that you should have a say in the design of your own home? A great independent living community will be able to offer you ways to customize your home interior, such as paint colors, trim, kitchen tiles and much more. If you’re the type of individual who likes to put your own touch and style in your home, make sure you choose a community that allows these options.

  • Virtually Maintenance-Free Living

Traditionally, owning your own home can become an expensive and annoying affair once you start to age. There are numerous maintenance aspects to owning a home that can be both costly and time-consuming; seniors may experience more difficulty in keeping their house and property in tip-top shape than they did twenty years earlier. A quality luxury retirement community will generally be able to offer a many different aspects of maintenance so that you can afford to relax and live without the traditional worries of home ownership.

  • Amenities in Region

While the overall location is definitely an important attribute to consider, considering the amenities available will no doubt play an influential role as well; will you be stuck in the middle of nowhere with the nearest store an hour away? Or will you be located in a great location that not only offers privacy, but plenty of shopping, entertainment and modern conveniences within a short drive?

  • Cost Savings

It is also important to consider the amount of savings that you will encounter when moving to a retirement community. Location can play a large part in it: for example, Pennsylvania does not tax your pension, but New Jersey and New York does. The amount of savings you could encounter should play a large role.  In addition, the reduced maintenance within and around your home in a retirement community adds up in terms of savings as well.

  • Owning Pets

Pet policies are bound to be a significant point for many couples, and it is important to choose a retirement community that will respect your desire to live with your animal companion.  You’d be surprised at the number of people who automatically assume they can bring their pets no matter where they move! Make sure to look into this before deciding on a facility.

  • Location of Emergency Services and Primary Care Physicians

As we age, our bodies understandably begin to break down.  It doesn’t hurt to plan for the worst and make sure that there are reputable hospitals, emergency services and primary care physicians located near you. This could make a huge difference in your life by having access to what is arguably a very important aspect of our lives as we age.

  • New Experiences

Finally, we need to consider what sort of new experiences one could expect when choosing a specific retirement community. Will it continue to engage your mind and help you forge new friendships, new ideas and increase your zeal for life? Or will it be just a place to “live” until one’s passing? Arguably, it’s important to invest in a 55 and older community that will provide new experiences and new challenges; we should be looking to grow as human beings until our last day on earth!


Ultimately, these are just a few points to consider but it’s also important that you are able to highlight some of your own desires and quality when it comes to looking at a retirement community! Do your research and invest the time in choosing a place that will delight you for decades to come.