Rivers Edge May-June Newsletter

Livin’ on the Edge-Another private bus to Catskill Mountains Resort!

This time, 16 community members rode our private bus, courtesy of the Catskill Mountains Resort in Barryville, NY, to a dinner & interactive theater comedic spoof called “Golden Girls Gone Wild”, a funny take off on the old TV show, The Golden Girls. A great time was had by all (see pictures elsewhere in this newsletter).

“Litter Pluck” Day

Rivers Edge residents took matters into their own hands to tackle the severe litter problem on Reuben Bell Drive.

Many of our residents joined together on April 10th wielding gloves, “picker-uppers” and trash bags to clean up Reuben Bell drive from Rte. 209 to Rivers Edge Drive. Dozens of bags of trash and debris were picked and placed roadside for pickup by the Town of Westfall. Many thanks to all who worked so hard on this effort. The results are wonderful and obvious to all residents of & visitors to our little slice of the world.

Community Tidbits

** Get well soon prayers for Ruth Leech, who has been hospitalized with respiratory issues. Never one to be held down, Ruth still oversaw from her hospital bed our trip to the Catskill Mountains Resort in April. Ruth hopes to be back home shortly.

** Looks like our snow birds have finally all come back safe & sound. Welcome back to all!

** The former Maple River restaurant has now reopened as Par Fore The Course, run by Chef Angus and his wife Barb. Angus is a culinary school trained chef, and the new eatery is open daily (except Tuesdays) for both lunch and dinner. Also, now open for Saturday night dinner is The Riverview on the Delaware in the RV park at the end of Reuben Bell Drive.

** Since our last newsletter, we heard that Kathleen and Richie Bobish went on another wonderful cruise. And Karen Layland managed to squeeze in a trip to the Dominican Republic with friends.

** Congratulations to Carl Von Tobel, who was recently inducted into the Wallington Hall of Fame, recognizing his 40 years of service as a football coach.

** Congratulations also to Paul & Vita Sarvaideo and Georgy & Jim Soojian, who will be welcoming a new grandchild later this year. And to Barbara & Russ Gloor’s granddaughter Aurora, who has been awarded a full scholarship to the Montserrat College of Art in Massachusetts.

** Love for our community was shown in a big way recently as Grace & John Mauro, Tom & Maureen Burke, and Rose and Carl Von Tobel spent hours doing a very much needed “spring cleanup” of our Clubhouse. Many thanks from all the community for the great job you all did.

Night at the Movies at Rivers Edge

All movies at Rivers Edge start at 7:00pm sharp. Social time starts at 6:30. First movie night of each month is pizza night (BYO drink). Pizza arrives at 6 PM.

By popular demand, movies every Tuesday night will continue, but we will return to the every other Tuesday schedule in April.

Calendar At-A-Glance


1st: “Grumpy Old Men” (PG13)

8th: “House of D” (PG13)

15th: “One for the Money” (PG13)

22nd: “The Good Shepherd” (R)

29th: “Inside Man”


5th: “Grumpier Old Men” (PG13)

12th: “Guilty by Suspicion” (PG13)

19th: “Disclosure” (R)

26th: “Medicine Man” (PG13)

Outings & Events

Since our last newsletter was published, group outings have included a ladies’ luncheon at the Mohawk House in Sparta; a group dinner at the nearby Riverview Steakhouse; and a special bus trip to enjoy dinner and the “Golden Girls Gone Wild” interactive dinner show at the Catskill Mountains Resort in Barryville, NY.

Here are some photos of our outings:

Meet Your Neighbors

Please extend a very warm Rivers Edge welcome to new residents Fran and Richard Gelardi who have closed on their new home at 1004 Macintosh and plan to move in by May 10th. And an early welcome to Carl & Joanne Sgrizzy who are awaiting interior finishing to be completed in their new town home at 404 Braeburn; and to Paul & Noreen Farina waiting for their unit at 1006 Macintosh to be finished. The Sgrizzy’s and the Farina’s hope to be “livin’ on the Edge” soon.


With the new building #23 already up, new building #24 is now being framed, and groundbreaking for the new riverside building #8 will occur very shortly. Here is the latest look at our numbers. As of this writing:

• Number of units finished: 32
• Number of units occupied: 30 (+2 models)
• Sold units pending completion: 7
• Built units unsold: 3
• Number of residents: 54

These are exciting times as our very special community welcomes new residents to join those already “livin’ on the edge” and enjoying our active Rivers Edge lifestyle.

Guess Who???

There were no correct guesses that the simply adorable little girl in the last issue of the newsletter was none other than Georgy Soojian. Since there were no correct guesses, no one won the PA State lottery $2 scratch off ticket.

And now for this issue’s adorable child: Can you guess who this beautiful young lady is? Submit your guess by responding to binky107@earthlink.net. The first correct guess received via email will get a PA Lottery Scratch off ticket. Who knows, you could win big bucks

Men’s Coffee Social

All men of Rivers Edge are cordially invited to join our Men’s Coffee Social hour at 9:00 AM on the first Saturday of each month. We meet at the Clubhouse for coffee & bagels, and friendly, light-hearted conversation. Contact: Russ Gloor

Ladies Craft Club

All Rivers Edge ladies are welcome at the Ladies Craft Club, which meets every Thursday evening at the Clubhouse at 7:00 PM. Contact: Georgy Soojian

Men’s Poker Night

All Rivers Edge men are welcome at the monthly poker night, 2nd Friday of every month at 7:00 PM at the Clubhouse. This is a fun evening of friendly nickel/dime poker. Contact: Arthur Carpana

Ladies Monthly Luncheon

All Rivers Edge ladies are invited to join your lady neighbors on the 2nd Thursday of each month as they visit a nice restaurant for lunch and fun times. Contact: Barbara Gloor

Ladies Coffee/Tea Social

All Rivers Edges ladies are cordially invited to join the monthly ladies’ coffee/tea social at 9:00AM at the Clubhouse on the 4th Saturday of every month. Contact: Laura Congemi

Your Activities Team

Our community Activities Team is:

Ruth Leech – rlwlblsl@gmail.com (914) 309-6623
Bonnie Matthews-

Contact Ruth or Bonnie if you have questions about an upcoming event, or a suggestion for a new event. Thanks to each of them for the great job they do! We are always looking for ideas for new events or activities, so be sure to talk to one of the Activities Team members about any ideas you may have.

Community Living

Community living works best when everyone follows the covenants & adopted rules. As a gentle reminder, each issue of the newsletter will highlight one or two of Rivers Edge’s regulations.

From the adopted Rules & Regulations:

“……no owner shall allow any pet or animal to roam at large… All pets must be on a leash and at no time will the pet be allowed to roam free … Residents must clean up any pet discharge or bodily waste on the common areas and properly dispose of all waste in your own garbage (do not throw waste into the woods, etc.)…Residents must also be considerate of their neighbors regarding any nuisances created by their pets such as noise, odors…and creating any type of disturbance. ”

Rivers Edge Library

The community library in our Clubhouse is there for your reading pleasure. Feel free to borrow any book(s) you like and please return them when done. Book donations also accepted by our “librarian” Ruth Leech, who maintains the library on behalf of all residents.

Homeowner’s Insurance

Questions about homeowner’s insurance have recently arisen from those who are living in a town house for the first time.

The Rivers Edge Owners’ Association insurance covers the Clubhouse, swimming pool and other community areas common to all townhouse owners.

As a townhouse owner, you are responsible for insuring your entire building, the interior possessions such as furniture, appliances and personal property (such as clothing, etc.).

As a townhouse owner, you should purchase a policy specifically designed for a townhouse known as a Homeowners Form HO3. You will need to determine the limits of protect you personally need.

Please note that the Homeowners’ Association may require you to provide a Certificate of Insurance or a copy of your Homeowners Policy as evidence of coverage.

Developer’s Corner

With building #23 now up and interior finishing already started on several sold units, it won’t be long until some new residents for 400 – 410 Braeburn will be welcomed. Building #24 across the street on Braeburn (which will become 401 – 409 Braeburn) is in the final stages of framing, to be followed by exterior sheathing, roofing, etc. Foundation work for the new riverside building #8 is starting, and one unit in this new building has already been contracted for. Interior finishing is now underway for units 502 and 506 Braeburn.

As we are now in the peak sales season, the developer respectfully requests that all correspondence and business with Geoff Pitcher be submitted in writing and placed in the developer’s white mailbox. Feel free to use the HOA’s existing “Issue Report/Work Order” for this correspondence. Geoff requests that you please communicate with him in writing, versus dropping in and/or catching him on the street while he’s promoting sales or managing the ongoing community construction. With sales traffic and potential buyers visiting at an all time high, the developer wishes to especially thank all those who speak positively about Rivers Edge; it’s to everyone’s advantage to promote townhome sales.

Finally, bids have been received and are under consideration for re-paving of Rivers Edge Drive; since cost of this repaving is shared between Heritage and Rivers Edge, we are currently waiting for Heritage’s parent company to approve the expenditure. If that does not happen in a timely fashion, Rivers Edge developer will commence patching of pot holes until re-paving the entire street is possible (when Heritage approves the expenditure).

Friends & Family Sales Incentive

Don’t forget the Friends & Family program will reward qualified sales leads with a great financial offering. See Geoff Pitcher for details on this program.