Every homeowner should receive a copy of these Rules and Regulations,
either upon moving into their new home or upon request. If you have not
received a copy of this document in your Welcome Packet, please contact Mark S. Nash at (845) 361-2932 or at 1109
Macintosh Way

Due to the extent of the rules and restrictions contained in the
Offering Statement, including the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions,
Restrictions and Reservations (the “Covenants”) and the Rivers Edge Owners
Association Bylaws, these Community Rules and Regulations will serve to
supplement the rules and regulations contained in The By-Laws and Section III
of the Covenants. It also serves to document such additional Rules and
Regulations as may be enacted by the Board of Directors as provided for in
paragraph 3.t of the Covenants.  These Community
Rules and Regulations ensure that there are standards in place for the common
good and maintenance of our property values. These rules and regulations are
not meant to support any one group or individual at the expense of another but
are meant to promote the goals set-forth above.

  1. ANIMALS – With reference
    to Section III, paragraph 3.e of the Covenants, no owner shall allow any pet or
    animal to roam at large. All pets must be on a leash and at no time will the pet be allowed to run
    free. The leash should be held to no more than 8 feet in length when walking
    past other residents and in all common areas. Residents must always remain
    consistent with Pennsylvania Leash Law and have their pet under your absolute
    control  and without exception. The requirement
    to have your pet under your control at all times is independent of how long the
    leash may be; for example, if your leash is TWO FEET LONG (2’ long)
    and your pet is able to nip someone, you are in violation of the Leash Law and
    therefore in violation of our Rules and
    . Animals can
    be staked or otherwise attached to the front or rear of their dwelling unit.
    Pets are not allowed in, by or around the pool or clubhouse. Pet owners will
    make every effort to refrain going to the mailbox area with their pets when
    other residents are present. Residents must clean up any pet discharge or
    bodily waste on the common areas and properly dispose of all waste in your own
    garbage (do not throw waste into the woods, etc.). Residents must also be
    considerate of their neighbors regarding any nuisances created by their pets
    such as: noise, odors, attracting wild animals and creating any type of
    disturbance. There is A MAXIMUM TWO (2)
    per unit (cats, dogs, etc.).
    – With reference to Section III, paragraph 3.f of the
    Covenants, A MAXIMUM of TWO (2) vehicles are permitted per unit. Any
    vehicles that are commercial (with a sign) must be parked in designated areas.
    (There are additional parking areas in the Community Master Plan which will
    become available as development progresses). Vehicles are expected to abide by
    the 15 MPH speed limit within the community. No recreational vehicles are
    allowed to be stored on-site. Homeowners should be mindful of neighbors and
    show consideration when having guests overnight or otherwise. Guests should
    park in the Owner’s driveway or directly in front of the Owner’s residence when
    available. Guests should be instructed to take care when parking their vehicles
    so as not to impede the coming and going of other residents and vehicles. Roads
    should remain clear in case of emergency.
    children are to be supervised at all times. Automobiles have the right-of-way
    in driveways and streets; therefore, children should not be playing and running
    in these areas. Children MUST NOT
    be unsupervised at the pool or clubhouse area. NO unsupervised and/or unaccompanied child will be allowed
    at ANY time or they shall be
    banned from the pool and/or clubhouse for the period of 1 month. All pool and
    clubhouse rules and regulations must be followed in addition to these.
  4. GARBAGE CONTAINERS – Garbage cans or
    containers are not permitted to be stored outside the dwelling. All garbage
    cans should have a secure lid. Pick-up time is mid-morning on Tuesday and
    garbage cans should be placed outside no sooner than early evening on the night
    before pick-up day. If the scheduled time for garage pickup is a holiday,
    pickup will be the next day (Wednesday). Recycling will be picked up the same
    day and must be put in the can provided for that purpose.
  5. LITTER – Used flower
    pots, paper debris, cigarette butts, etc., shall be removed immediately by the
    person responsible.
  6. QUIET ENJOYMENT – Consideration
    must be given to neighbors and the general community with regard to generators,
    parties, loud radios, vehicles, etc. Homeowners must take any and all
    reasonable action to limit noise created by items listed above. Please be
    mindful that the items listed above are not meant to be exhaustive but merely
    an example of those things that could interfere with the quiet enjoyment by
    one’s neighbor.
  7. SIGNS – Absolutely no
    commercial signs of any type, including realty signs, for sale signs, etc., may
    be exhibited in/on any window or the exterior of any unit. This does not
    include alarm service signs.
    Committee shall be established consisting of THREE (3) MEMBERS, one of whom
    shall be elected among the members as Chair. This Committee shall be elected in
    the same format as other Officers of the HOA.
    – Any plans to change or modify the outside of your unit
    must be submitted to the Architectural Design Committee for approval prior to
    the commencement of ANY work. NOTE: Fines and/or loss of privileges
    may be imposed for any violations. Any fines not paid will be assessed against
    your property as delinquent HOA FEES.
    homeowner is allowed guests at Rivers Edge functions. Said guests may be
    required to pay a surcharge (a price above Homeowner). Homeowners will ALWAYS have first priority. When our
    community reaches a higher resident population and the clubhouse maximum
    occupancy level of 78 is reached, homeowners will have first priority on a
    first-come first-served basis, or other venues for events may be sought.
  11. FLAGS – Notwithstanding
    Section III, paragraph 3.b of the DECLARATION OF COVENANTS, CONDITIONS,
    standard size American flags not larger than 2 ½ feet by 4 feet may be
    securely affixed to the front of the unit. Small patriotic or seasonal flags
    not larger than 13 inches by 18 inches may be displayed at ground level. No
    permanent ground-mounted flag poles permitted. All flags must be maintained in
    good, unfaded condition. Absolutely no political, “For Sale” or promotional
    flags or signs permitted to be visible from the exterior of the unit.
  13. Guests of Owners MUST
    sign in the log book.
  14.  No rough housing in
    or around the pool or pool area
  15.  No running, yelling
    or screaming
  16. All guests under the age of 18 must always be accompanied by
    and supervised by an adult.
  17.  No smoking within the
    gated pool area.
  18.  Everyone must clean
    up after themselves
  19.  No glass in pool area
  20. If you use the grill there is a $3.00 fee each time. (No one
    under 21 may use the grill). You must clean the gratings after each use and
    replace the cover, and make sure the propane tank is turned OFF when finished
  21. Throw all garbage in the receptacles and leave everything
    the way you found it.
  22.  No animals are
    allowed in the pool area
  23.  All umbrellas must be
    closed upon departure
  24.  There is a
    first-come, first-served policy for all areas, equipment, tables,  chairs, grills, etc., unless previously
    reserved according to Rivers Edge policy and procedures
  25. Do not go through the club house with wet clothes; use the
    restroom doors.

PLEASE NOTE:   Any violation of these Pool Regulations may result not only in the Guest’s suspension of their ability to use the pool but the Owner’s use of the pool as well,
depending upon how egregious the violation was.


    • Guests of homeowners MUST
      sign in the log book.
    • No guest under 25 allowed without the presence of the
    • If you use any supplies, contribute to their replacement
      when necessary.
    • If you are the last to leave you are responsible for turning
      out all lights and locking up.
    • No smoking within 10 feet of the clubhouse entrance and the
      gated pool access.
    • If you bring perishable food into the Clubhouse please take
      leftovers home.
    • No one is to use the refrigerator or freezer for personal
    • If you move any furniture please move it back upon leaving.
    • If you break something, please report it to the HOA.
    • If you want to use the clubhouse for a private gathering you
      must reserve the time and date in advance by putting a notice on the bulletin
      board near the kitchen and leaving a $100.00 non-refundable CASH deposit with the treasurer.
     Removal of snow and treatment of ice during
    winter months being essential for resident safety, there shall be no extended
    or overnight parking on any community street or in the Clubhouse parking lot from
    October 15th to April 15th. Use of designated parking
    recesses on Braeburn Path and Macintosh Way is permitted. Violation of this
    rule by either residents or their guests shall subject the responsible resident
    to fines in amounts as determined by the Board of Directors for such purpose.

OF DIRECTORS:  March 8, 2019