Rivers Edge Newsletter Issue 16-01 – September 2016



All movies start at 7pm, sharp
Sept 6: “The Family Stone” – Pizza at 6pm; $6 pp
Sept 20: “Last Vegas”
Oct 4: ‘”Moneyball”
Oct 18: “Red”


Matomoras’ Beacon Hill mountain may not be the Alps, but mark your calendar for our October 29 “Oktoberfest”. Music, food, beer and fun! Watch your email for details!!

River1    River_2


Everyone knows of our path by the Clubhouse to the bench overlooking the Delaware, but the bank by the river is so steep us older folks can’t actually get to the river from that spot. Well now we have access to our river! Directly behind the riverfront unit, the entrance to a new ramp is on the northeast end of the building and descends gradually to a wide open are directly on the river. Work is still in progress, so be careful, but you can now use that access point to fish, or simply enjoy the tranquility of being at the edge of the water. Thanks to Rivers Edge developer for fulfilling that promise to our residents. See more info on future plans for this area in the Developer’s Corner.


Russ & Barbara have had visitors several times in recent August days- twin spotted fawns have been enjoying the new grass in their back yard behind 510 Braeburn. They’re not with their mama any more, but still very cute!! Have you seen the twins? They’re still around, but may be losing their spots.


Sunday, August 7th a group of us motored to The Tavern, which is attached to the Forestburg Theater in Sullivan County, NY. The Tavern put on a nice Sunday brunch, complete with live piano music. The food was quite good and the atmosphere wonderful, as it is whenever Rivers Edge good friends & neighbors gather. Theater wasn’t in our schedule this day, but the Forestburg Theater is a great venue for those who like stage productions by gifted and talented professional performers. And it’s only about half and hour away.


Our annual community BBQ was on Saturday, July 16th, and oh what fun we had. Great good provided by the Maple River restaurant, great music provided by Russ, and lot’s of dancing, friendship and camaraderie!! Georgie showed off her Chicken Dance moves, and Marie, Alice, Marge and Georgie now have the Electric Slide and the Cupid Shuffle down pat. Add in “YMCA” a little polka music, some “live” songs and the perty atmosphere was on!! And a great time was had by all!!
Come on and join the fun at our next community event, Oktoberfest on October 29th. Details will be in your email soon.



Sept 18th – Walkpack Inn afternoon luncheon – located in Layton, NJ. Diverse menu in beautiful setting. Leave Rivers Edge at 1:30. Call or email Marie Malak or Nancy Steiner by Sept. 11th to reserve your spot. Please join us!!

Oct. 2nd – Shawnee Theater Trip- Leave Rivers Edge at 12:30pm for 2:00pm matinee performance of “Home Shopping” (a comedy) $16/pp. Early dinner out (pay for your own) after the show (for those who wish). Contact Lee Kennedy for details.

Oct 29th – OKTOBERFEST! Food, music, beer, dancing and fun. Mark your calendars and look for email with more details, or contact either Marie or Nancy.



6th – Move & Pizza Night – “The Family Stone”
18th – Luncheon at Walpack Inn
20th – Move Night – “Last Vegas”
21st – Community Meeting at 7:00PM

2nd – Shawnee Theater Matinee “Home Shopping”
4th – Move Night – “Moneyball”
18th – Move Night – “Red”
29th – Oktoberfest!



Street paving is scheduled to begin during the first week of September (weather permitting). This will include the street from the Rivers Edge entrance (beginning of MacIntosh), all the way to the currently paved end of Braeburn Path (building 25). This paving will include driveways, and will also include the Club House parking lot area.

Triangle Island, at the intersection of MacIntosh and Braebur, will be undergoing a landscape improvement this fall. Inside the triangle itself will be a rock border, with a raised mulched area, with trees and shrubs. The area adjacent to the island and in front of the end unit of building #27, will have three smaller landscape sections close to the street (nearest the triangle island) to better screen the end unit from oncoming traffic, and to add a visually-pleasing decorative view.

River Access Ramp improvements are planned to continue this fall to make the new ramp and river access area more comfortable for both foot access and relaxing, fishing, or launching of kayaks, tubes, etc. by the river. The ramp and flat area by the river will be grass covered and mowed, making for a pleasant access to and use of this great amenity. When appropriate (when a new river building is completed), a defined foot access path will be installed between buildings, with privacy screening for affected residents.

Sales status report: Teddy Hom & Nydia Rivera will be moving into their riverside unit at 1002 MacIntosh in early September. Be sure to welcome them warmly when they arrive. That same building has one other unity under contract (contingency contract), leaving only 2 interior units still available. The end unit in building #27 (by the triangle) is under contract, but it is a contingency contact. Finishing work won’t begin until the contingency home sale is resolved. In building 25, the 504 Braeburn unit is also under a contingency contact, so work won’t commence in earnest until the contingency is resolved.

New construction for building #23 (at current end of Braeburn) is at a point where the formal plans and paperwork will very soon be submitted to the township for approval. Once the Township’s approval is secured, foundation work will begin. Initial planned for new building #8 (by the river) has begun, but work won’t commence at least until after building #23 foundation has been laid.