Benefits of a 55+ Active Adult Community

Active adult and senior living is a hot topic as more and more individuals are retiring, and one of the more pressing questions that comes up is deciding what the most beneficial living option when reaching an age of 55 and up. For example, do you continue to live in the home that you were paying off for thirty years, or would it make more sense to move to a retirement community? These are the types of critical decisions that individuals across the country are contemplating.

So what exactly are the options for the majority of folks looking for a retirement or senior living option? For starters, your options may depend on your specific location, but they ultimately boil down to these choices: assisted living, nursing homes, independent retirement living and retirement communities, such as Rivers Edge. All of these options will likely depend on one’s health, as well as their age, but they are all viable options depending on the individuals circumstances. Let’s look a bit further on some of the pros and cons.

Nursing Homes: This is generally an option for seniors who typically need 24-hour care, and it could be a long-term or a short-term duration. If family is not close by and a large amount of care is required, this may be the best option. Ultimately, this is not an ideal option for many reasons: the costs are prohibitive, and some nursing homes lack in care.

Assisted Living: individuals that are 55 and up might be able to consider assisted living a step above nursing homes. It is usually for seniors who are able to live on their own fairly reasonably, but still require 24-hour access for help, as well as a range of care options. Some cons would be not having as much privacy as living on your own, along with the costs associated with moving into an assisted living facility. However, they generally offer a very nice setup, and residents usually have access to any medical needs and a range of options. This is a flexible option for seniors who might require a bit of extra help without requiring their family to be there on call for any issues or needs that might come up.

Independent Living: some active adults and seniors may choose to remain in their homes. However, there are some downsides to retiring with your own home. Maintenance can become an issue for active adults and seniors for multiple reasons. Either they are at a point in their life where they do not have the capability of handling the maintenance, or active adults and seniors choose to better spend their time. Once a decision has been made that active adults or senior are no longer going to perform the house maintenance themselves, the money required to invest in outside services can become expensive. A perfect example of this is lawn care. No matter what size your yard is, the grass needs to be cut, weeds need to be pulled, hedges and trees need to be trimmed; it may not be an issue for a long time, but eventually it can become difficult and costly. Maintenance never truly ends when you own a home on your own!

Senior Living Communities: This is likely one of the best options, and is becoming one of the most popular. 55 and older communities are blossoming for several reasons: the perfect blend of private living mixed with the closeness of a community. Everyone gets to know everyone else if they wish, and adults and seniors no longer have to worry about spending time on the maintenance of their home and yard. One of the most difficult aspects of retirement is that many social relationships take place in the workplace, and once retirement comes around, there isn’t the availability to build relationships. Senior living communities give that option once again, to become a close-knit community and offer new friendships, new relationships and a new outlook. 55+ communities also provide active adults with more time to do the things they enjoy.

So in light of these options, you can see how senior living communities really become an exciting option for retiring adults. It is usually a perfect blend of social relationships, easy to maintain homes and value that will last for decades.

Rivers Edge has become one of the most sought after independent living communities for the 55 and older crowd, as we are situated right along one of the most scenic spots on the Delaware River. Our townhomes offer a good variety of customization when it comes to interior decorations, and you play a large role in deciding the colors, schemes and other options. Our community is very close-knit, and we have exciting events that take place throughout each month.

Since we are also situated in Pike County, PA, you are very close to some incredible outdoor trails, and not too far from shopping centers and other exciting amenities. Most importantly, your pensions are not taxed living here like they would be living in New Jersey or New York, meaning you have more money available to live with; you will ultimately have about 1/3 more of your money available by living in this region.

It’s safe to say that living in a 55 and older community is a fantastic option for most retiring adults. For more information on what Rivers Edge can offer you and your future, contact us at 570-491-4180 and let us bring you home.